During Lockdown - I made these...

Well, during this time when all bookings and shoots have been cancelled, we al have to find other things to do ... so I decided to make a new set of apple boxes for the studio. .a full, half, quarter and a wedge.

I’ve just finished making them but need to round off those sharp corners... waiting for my 1/8” ‘round over’ bit to arrive for my router before I can do them. It arrives later today though so all good. .. once that’s done .. a quick car of polyurethane Matt finish and jobs a good en, they’ll be ready for use. . And of course along them yourself saves a fortune. . . If you’re into DIY, what are you making for yourself or your studio.? #appleboxes #studiokit #makeityourself #madeit #propboxes #photographykit #cinematography

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